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Denielle Elliott

denielle elliott bio pic.png

Lead Investigator SSHRC IG A Situated Neurology and SSHRC IDG Neurological Imaginaries


Denielle Elliott holds a York Research Chair in Injured Minds. A socio-cultural anthropologist by training, her work explores the cultural politics of biomedicine and bioscience. Questions of politics, power, value, and the state are a central focus in her work, examined through the fields of cultural anthropology, science and technology studies, gender studies and postcolonial studies. Her work has consistently interrogated the ways in which public health, medical research, and scientific practice can inadvertently contribute to the very inequities that they seek to reduce, particularly among Indigenous, racialized, and disabled communities. In essence, she examines the unintended consequences of good intentions whether it be in HIV care, clinical trials for the development of new anti-AIDS drugs, or of neurological care. She is the co-editor of A Different Kind of Ethnography and Naked Fieldnotes, and the author of Reimagining Science and Statecraft in Postcolonial Kenya. She is also a core team member of Connected Minds.

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