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Michelle Charette




Michelle Charette is a PhD candidate in the Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program at York University. Her research describes the landscape of chronic pain care in North America. Often foregrounding the first-person experience of the patient, her work places the voices of sufferers alongside the oft optimistic and amplified messaging that accompanies novel pain biotechnologies. Drawing on STS, critical health studies, and philosophy, at the heart of the project is an attempt to understand how (and if) emancipation from chronic pain is possible in this technological context. Michelle has co-authored a chapter in The Routledge International Handbook of Sensory Ethnography and has an original research article forthcoming in Philosophy and Technology. She has published several book reviews (of Don Ihde’s Medical Technics, George Estreich’s Fables and Futures, and Michele Ilana Friedner’s Sensory Futures – forthcoming). She has also co-authored experimental work on brain injuries in Multimodality & Society and through The Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute at the University of Alberta.   

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